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An interview with James Ashton

An interview with James Ashton

5 March 2024
  • Quantitative Research
  • Software Engineering

There are 15 million software developers working in the Arm architecture today […] this technology is used by some operator, somewhere in the world, a thousand times a second.

James Ashton Author and journalist

James Ashton is a financial journalist and more recently, the author of The Everything Blueprint, the story of Arm, a Cambridge-based chip designer.

“What Arm owns, the secret sauce if you like, is an instruction set architecture. It’s a rule book that dictates how the chip at the centre of most devices is controlled by the software,” says Ashton.

Arm’s success, the widespread use of its technology and some thoughts on what’s next for the business, were the focus of Ashton’s recent talk at the G-Research Distinguished Speaker Symposium on The Future of Chips and Electronics.

Before taking to the stage, we took the opportunity to speak to the author not just about Arm, but also the UK’s position in the global semiconductor eco-system – and what it needs to do to stay there.

Watch: James Ashton on the success and proliferation of Arm

Watch the talks

Watch the full talk from James Ashton, as well as talks from our other keynote speakers, Michael Kagan (CTO at NVIDIA) and Professor Sir Andre Geim (Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist).

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