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Grant Programme – Terms & Conditions

Grant Programme – Terms & Conditions

29 April 2021
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Please see below for the terms and conditions for participating in our grant programme:

  1. The grant may be used only for the purposes outlined in your application.
  2. Your application must be true and accurate.
  3. You may submit no more than one application per month and, in aggregate, no more than two applications in any calendar year.
  4. Successful award of a grant does not grant the applicant the right to use G-Research’s name or logo without permission, other than to acknowledge G-Research’s support or list possible conflicts of interest.
  5. G-Research accepts no liability for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, that may arise from your research, the use of the grant, or from suspension or termination of the grant.
  6. Grants are not available to the friends and family of the representatives of G-Research and its group, and representatives of G-Research and its group may not write letters of reference in support of applications. 
  7. If you violate any of these terms & conditions, act dishonestly, provide information which is misleading (whether deliberately or accidentally) or act in a way which may damage our brand, reputation or goodwill, G-Research may terminate the grant and require you to repay it.
  8. Applicants have no right to expect the award of a grant. The decision of G-Research in all respects is final.

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