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An interview with Kevin Buzzard

An interview with Kevin Buzzard

18 January 2023
  • Quantitative Research

Kevin Buzzard is a British mathematician and professor of Pure Mathematics at Imperial College London.

As part of the G-Research Distinguished Speaker Series, Kevin Buzzard was one of three speakers at the 2022 Computer Guided Mathematics Symposium, speaking alongside Sir Timothy Gowers (Professeur titulaire of the Combinatorics chair at the Collège de France) and Alex Davies (DeepMind).

His expertise lies in algebraic number theory and the Langlands program. Recently, Kevin has started to work in the area of formal proof verification.

His current focus is on teaching computers about modern research mathematics, thereby developing their potential to assist mathematicians.

Mathematics and the Computer

In his talk, Kevin contemplates new uses of computers in mathematics, an area that has been overlooked for decades.

“We have established ways of using computers in mathematics, but there are other new ways which are appearing…there is a chance that they will really change the way that mathematics is done in the future,” Kevin explains.

“Recently, things like AI and interactive theorem provers mean that mathematicians might be able to use computers in new ways. I do feel these systems have got something to offer the modern mathematician.”

An interview with Alex Davies
  • Quantitative Research
  • 18 Jan 2023

Alex Davies is a machine learning researcher at DeepMind, leading efforts to understand how machine learning can be used to solve fundamental problems and make new discoveries in mathematics.

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G-Research Distinguished Speaker Series

Throughout the year, we host a number of speakers as part of G-Research’s Distinguished Speaker Series.

We pride ourselves on our learning environment, which gives people the opportunity to develop personally and professionally within their roles, and our Distinguished Speaker Series is central to that.

We invite global experts in their fields to discuss their cutting-edge work with an audience of G-Research employees and guests, giving attendees the chance to learn from the best.

Want to watch the talks, panel discussion and interviews from our Computer Guided Mathematics Symposium? Watch here

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