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An interview with Professor Sir Andre Geim

An interview with Professor Sir Andre Geim

12 February 2024
  • Quantitative Research
  • Software Engineering

There is a revolution going on. It has happened in condensed matter-physics and now it’s happening in material science […] the revolution’s name is the age of two-dimensional materials.

Professor Sir Andre Geim Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist

Professor Sir Andre Geim is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, best known for his isolation of Graphene, a one-atom-thick material, which is 200 times stronger than steel.

As part of his talk at the G-Research Distinguished Speaker Symposium on The Future of Chips and Electronics, Geim discussed the role of Graphene, as well as hundreds of other wonder materials, in the age of two-dimensional materials.

Before taking to the stage, we took the opportunity to speak to the father of Graphene about his discovery, its growing list of applications within industry, and his own approach to research.

Watch: Professor Sir Andre Geim on the age of two-dimensional materials and his approach to research

Watch the Talks

Watch the full G-Research Distinguished Speaker Symposium talk from Professor Sir Andre Geim, as well as those from our other keynote speakers, Michael Kagan (CTO at NVIDIA) and James Ashton (Author and Journalist).

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