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Consul.NET collaborations lead to important improvements

Consul.NET collaborations lead to important improvements

6 March 2021
  • Open Source Software
  • Software Engineering

Consul.NET has released an update!

Consul.NET is one of the most prominent open source projects that G-Research helps maintain. However, we can’t do it alone, and want to acknowledge and appreciate all the folks who contribute to this important project.

We want to thank the following people for their contributions and comments over the past year, leading to significant improvements:

Resolving several outstanding issues and PR’s, here’s a list of some of the updates in Consul.Net

  • Add GRPC and GRPCUseTLS to the agent service check parameters (#22)
  • Compatibility with Consul 1.7.x – RoleLink & PolicyLink (#31)
  • Added the possibility to specify more http request options and meta-data when registering service checks (#39)
    It is now possible to specify the http Header(s) (Headers), Method and Body to be used for a given service check.
    A given service check might also now have an identifier (ID), Name and a description (Notes) associated.
  • Added the Type field to the AgentCheck and HealthCheck structures (#42)
  • Fix issue #24 removing constructor’s obsolete attribute for HttpClient injection (#32)
  • Added asp net core integration – Consul.AspNetCore (#17)(#45)
  • Fixed lock and semaphore timeouts logic (#64)
  • Added service and node filtering abilities into Health.Service (#70)
  • Fixed NRE in Lock (#66)
  • Lock: Forward user cancellation token downstream (#67)
  • Pass WriteOptions parameter to correct parameter of Put(…) (#76)(#77)
  • Update consul to v1.6.10 (#78)

You can find the release here:

We are grateful for everyone’s contributions and we look forward to the next release. Thank you all!

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