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G-Research Distinguished Speaker Series: Wes McKinney

G-Research Distinguished Speaker Series: Wes McKinney

19 January 2022
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We’re excited to announce the latest talk in the G-Research Distinguished Speaker Series, which will be given by Wes McKinney.

Wes is an open source software developer focusing on analytical computing. He created the Python pandas project and is a co-creator of Apache Arrow, his current focus. He authored two editions of the reference book, Python for Data Analysis. Wes is a member of The Apache Software Foundation and also a PMC member for Apache Parquet. He is now the CTO and co-founder of Voltron Data, a new startup working on accelerated computing technologies powered by Apache Arrow.

The talk

In this talk, Wes McKinney will share updates on the recent directions and work being done in Apache Arrow. Apache Arrow is an open source, multi-language developer framework for accelerating tabular data access and in-memory processing on modern hardware. The project has grown significantly since 2016, now with over 700 unique developers working on different parts.

Wes will showcase examples of working with Arrow in R, SQL and Python, and will discuss the ongoing work on high-performance C++-based query engines for Arrow. He will also present comparative benchmarks of using Arrow and highlight current and upcoming development initiatives in the project.

Event details

The event will be held remotely, so you’ll be able to join from the comfort of your own home via video link.

It will take place at 18:30-19:30 (GMT), Tuesday 22 February 2022.


To register your interest, please apply here.

Unfortunately we expect a high number of registrations for the event, and we may not be able to accommodate everyone. Please be sure to apply early!

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