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G-Research October grant winners

G-Research October grant winners

16 November 2022
  • Quantitative Research

Each month, we provide up to £2,000 in grant money to early career researchers in quantitative disciplines.

Our aim is to support and assist PhD students and postdocs conducting research, particularly with costs that may be difficult to get funding for elsewhere, for example, travel for those who are caring for children, or expenses for volunteer work related to research.

Learn more about our grant programme, including how you can apply and the work we support.

Read on to hear from our latest winners, their research and how our grants will aid their work.

October grant winners

Michelangelo Conserva (Queen Mary University of London)

“I am a Bayesian statistician in the field of Machine Learning. The main goal of my PhD research is to develop practical methodologies with a strong theoretical backing for sequential decision making under uncertainty, a.k.a. reinforcement learning.

“The G-Research grant will support me in presenting my latest work “Hardness in Markov Decision Processes: Theory and Practice” at the NeurIPS 2022 conference in New Orleans.”

Mariela Sze (KU Leuven)

Image of Mariela Sze

“I am a PhD student in Economics at KU Leuven. My research focuses on the macroeconomic implications of competition and firm dynamics.

“For instance, I aim to gain a better understanding about how concentration affects relative price movements throughout the supply chain, and the conditions under which competition dynamics can ignite broad-based inflation.

“This grant from G-Research will support my transition into my new life as a PhD student in Leuven, while allowing me to balance my research and family commitments.”

Lucy Trafford (Oxford University)

Image of Lucy Trafford

“My research focuses on understanding the police response to domestic abuse; how police officers conceptualise domestic abuse; and the impact that this can have on decision-making; through statistical analysis of police data.

“I analyse domestic abuse incidents recorded by the police using quantitative methods to identify patterns in victim and suspect demographics, incident characteristics and police responses.

“I am very grateful for the G-Research grant, which will enable me to attend The American Society of Criminology Conference. There I will run a panel looking at how the pandemic impacted domestic abuse and criminal justice responses.

“Alongside esteemed researchers, I will present my findings on how domestic abuse reporting rates and police responses changed during the pandemic.”

Congratulations to our grant winners.

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