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G-Research September 2023 Grant Winners

G-Research September 2023 Grant Winners

10 October 2023
  • Quantitative Research

Each month, we provide up to £2,000 in grant money to early career researchers in quantitative disciplines.

Our aim is to support and assist PhD students and postdocs conducting research, particularly with costs that may be difficult to get funding for elsewhere, for example, travel for those who are caring for children, or expenses for volunteer work related to research.

Learn more about our grant programme, including how you can apply and the work we support.

Read on to hear from our latest winners, their research and how our grants will aid their work.

September grant winners

Arthur Kosmala (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Arthur Kosmala G-Research grant winner September 2023

“I design deep learning models for complex data domains including graphs and 3D molecular structures. In order to improve the learning of long-range interactions in such data, I am currently interested in novel ways of combining spatial and spectral approaches within a joint architecture.

“My recently finished master’s thesis and first main-author paper reexamines the century-old physics concept of Ewald summation from a new machine learning angle.

“The grant from G-Research supports my presentation of this work at the 40th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML).”

Luke Davis (University College London)

Luke Davis G-Research grant winner September 2023

“I am a theoretical physicist and applied mathematician working to unravel the complexities of living matter. Currently, I am a Research Fellow at the Department of Mathematics at University College London (UCL).

“My work involves the development and use of modern statistical mechanics and sophisticated computer simulation algorithms to understand the governing variables underlying assemblies of disordered proteins and, separately, to understand and control the states of active “matter systems, such as biological cells.

“The generous funding from G-Research will help cover the costs of my participation in the Computational Advances in Active Matter workshop at the Lorentz Center, The Netherlands. Here I will take part in learning and discussing the current (and future) state-of-the-art of computational techniques and algorithms used to investigate active matter, and I will network and form close collaborations.”

Brian Skelly (University College Dublin)

Brian Skelly G-Research grant winner September 2023

“My research interests are in the area of computational neuroscience and trying to model neural activity, with the hope of helping people with a neurodegenerative disorder in the future.

“With the G-Research grant, I will be able to attend a computational neuroscience summer school in South Africa. At this school I will be able to learn current techniques used and a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in the field.”

Charles Godfrey (University of Oxford)

Charles Godfrey G-Research grant winner September 2023

“Topological magnetic spin textures, where magnetic spins in antiferromagnetic materials are arranged in whirlpool patterns, have the potential to serve as information carriers in low-energy post-Moore electronics.

“My work in the Quantum Matter department at the University of Oxford involves both the theoretical understanding of their dynamics and formation, and their observation using cutting-edge x-ray microscopy at facilities including the Diamond Light Source synchrotron.

“This grant from G-Research will enable me to go to the IOP Magnetism Conference this year to present my work so far during the course of my PhD.”

Valentina Disarlo (Heidelberg University)

Valentina Disarlo G-Research grant winner September 2023

“I am a researcher in Geometry at Universitaet Heidelberg. I am an expert in Hyperbolic Geometry and a member of an interdisciplinary research group here in Heidelberg.

“I was awarded this G-Research grant to carry out a research visit to a collaborator, who is an expert of Computer Vision and Deep Learning, at the University of Amsterdam. Together, we are delving into the groundbreaking field of hyperbolic deep learning and hierarchical knowledge.

“In simple terms, while my expertise lies in understanding the unique properties of hyperbolic and negatively curved spaces, my colleague brings the knowledge of how computers can ‘see’ and process information from images. By combining our skills, we aim to develop new architectures for hierarchical data, drawing inspiration from the fascinating world of hyperbolic spaces.

“I am deeply grateful to G-Research for recognizing the potential of our interdisciplinary collaboration and providing me with this invaluable opportunity.”

Carlo Alfano (University of Oxford)

Carlo Alfano G-Research grant winner September 2023

“My research focuses on designing approximations of standard Reinforcement Learning algorithms and in showing how the approximation affects convergence.

“G-Research’s grant will allow me to present my latest paper on policy mirror descent for general parametrization at the 2023 Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems.”

Congratulations to our grant winners.

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