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G-Research support Homeless charity Greater Change

G-Research support Homeless charity Greater Change

6 March 2019
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G-Research is proud to announce that it will be supporting the charity Greater Change which aims to provide financial support to those who are homeless due to long-term structural failings.

The charity acknowledges the multiple and complex factors which can result in homelessness – an issue that affects more than 300,000 people in the UK today.

Through contactless payments, Greater Change allows for people to provide rent deposits, skills, courses, and identification documents for those in need. When individuals wish to access their fund, they meet with a support worker who ensures the money is spent effectively.

Alex McCallion, Founder of Greater Change, has released the following statement:

“Greater Change is delighted to be receiving support from G-Research. Through their generous donation we will be able to trial our programme in the Fitzrovia area. This will involve Greater Change partnering with one or two local homelessness charities in the area. Support workers at partner charities will then refer two people that are able to move on from homelessness but need financial support to do this, for example, for rent deposits, skills courses or ID. Through the funding that G Research has given we will be able to trial providing this flexible financial support in the Fitzrovia area. This is a model that has already worked extremely well during its pilot phase in Oxford. 

This trial will not only give opportunity to people in the local area, it will also help us show the success of the model in Fitzrovia. This should enable us to roll out the programme more broadly in the area. We’re extremely grateful to G-Research for making this possible and hope to keep working with you as we enable more people in Fitzrovia to leave homelessness behind for good. “

G-Research are looking forward to working closely with Greater Change.

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