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G-Research Women in Quant Finance Network: Grant Programme

G-Research Women in Quant Finance Network: Grant Programme

31 March 2021
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Are you a female PhD student or postdoc in a quantitative discipline?  Do you need help funding something that will help your research?  If so, we can help: every month we give away two grants worth £500 to two female researchers to support them in their studies, research, and/or career.

We’re providing this grant exclusively to members of our Women in Quant Finance (WiQF) network, as we look to support women in our industry. (Membership of our WiQF network is open exclusively to attendees of our Women in Quant Finance events, please see our events page for more information)

How to apply

To apply, just send the following items to :

  • Your CV
  • A breakdown of what the grant will be put towards e.g. accommodation/travel/conference entry/other expenses
  • A short letter from your PhD advisor (if you’re a PhD student), or directly from you (for PhD/MSc holders) describing what you would need the grant for, and why this would be beneficial for your studies, research, or career

Please note that each WiQF network member will only be eligible for a maximum of one grant per calendar year.

When to apply?

Applications must be received by the 1st of each month, and we’ll let recipients know the outcome by the 14th of the same month. (If either of these dates falls on a weekend, we’ll let you know the Monday after instead)

The grant programme will open for applications in April 2021, with the first grants awarded in May.


Terms and conditions

  1.  The grant may only be used for the purposes outlined in your application.
  2.  Your application must be true and accurate.
  3.  The successful award of a grant does not permit the applicant the right to use G-Research’s name or logo without permission, other than to acknowledge G-Research’s support or list possible conflicts of interest.
  4.  G-Research accepts no liability for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, that may arise from your research, the use of the grant, or from suspension or termination of the grant.
  5.  Grants are only available to members of the Women in Quant Finance network. 
  6.  Grants are not available to the friends and family of the personnel or representatives of G-Research and its group.
  7.  If you violate any of these terms & conditions, act dishonestly, provide information which is misleading (whether deliberately or accidentally) or act in a way which may damage our brand, reputation or goodwill, G-Research may terminate the grant and require you to repay it.
  8.  Applicants have no right to expect the award of a grant. The decision of G-Research in all respects is final.

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