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G-Research’s latest grant winners

G-Research’s latest grant winners

30 January 2023
  • Quantitative Research

Each month, we provide up to £2,000 in grant money to early career researchers in quantitative disciplines.

Our aim is to support and assist PhD students and postdocs conducting research, particularly with costs that may be difficult to get funding for elsewhere, for example, travel for those who are caring for children, or expenses for volunteer work related to research.

Learn more about our grant programme, including how you can apply and the work we support.

Read on to hear from our latest winners, their research and how our grants will aid their work.

Our latest grant winners

Manuel Meuller (Cambridge University)

“I am a PhD student working to develop novel statistical methodology for real-world problems together with rigorous, theoretical underpinnings.

“My first paper addresses the question of how to use data to optimally identify superlevel sets in isotonic regression, which has important applications in identifying heterogeneous treatment effects in a population without losing statistical validity.

“The generous grant by G-Research allows me to present my work at the Joint Statistical Meetings 2023 in Toronto, Canada, where I will accept a Student Paper Award by the American Statistical Association.”

Joseph Jerome (University of Liverpool)

“I am a postdoctoral researcher working at the intersection of deep reinforcement learning and high-frequency finance.

“Recently, I have also been collaborating on a paper with the goal of robustifying an adaptive, generative simulator of an order book. The adaptivity of this type of simulator helps to overcome some of the many issues that come from ‘backtesting’ or ‘market replay’, and allows the creation of more realistic learning environments.

“Since I am coming to the end of my postdoc, G-Research’s early career grant will support me in completing and writing up this exciting research.”

Saquib Hassan (University of Oxford)

“I am a Theoretical Physics PhD student working in particle and gravitational physics. My current research involves better understanding the strict compatibility of gravitational theories with quantum mechanics, which consequently allows us to understand the deep properties of our universe.

“This grant from G Research will support research at the interface of general relativity and quantum theory.”

Jerome Garnier-Brun (Ecole Polytechnique)

“I am a statistical physicist working on the application of theoretical methods developed for imperfect magnets to understand some aspects of socio-economic systems.

“While seemingly very different, systems comprising a very large number of individual entities (here atoms or economic agents) tend to display remarkably universal features at the macroscopic scale. As they are made up of a very large number of neurons, neural networks are no exception, and I would like to expand some of my results towards the understanding of learning.

“This grant from G-Research will allow me to attend a workshop on the theory of neural networks, that will hopefully lead to exciting new results and collaborations.”

Congratulations to our grant winners.

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