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G-Research’s September grant winner

G-Research’s September grant winner

10 November 2021
  • Quantitative Research

Each month, we provide up to £2,000 in grant money to early career researchers in quantitative disciplines. Our aim is to support and assist PhD students and postdocs conducting research, particularly with costs that may be difficult to get funding for elsewhere (e.g. travel for those who are caring for children, or expenses for volunteer work related to research).

To find out more about the programme and how to apply, click here.

We are pleased to announce September’s grant winners are:

Shruti Mishra (Harvard University/Mila Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute)

G-Research Grant Winner Shruti Mishra

During the course of my PhD, I dabbled in research in fluid mechanics, scientific computation and reinforcement learning. My current work at Mila explores the effectiveness of deep learning methods in representing and simulating fluid dynamical systems relevant to natural convection. Our aim is to speed up simulations that are relevant for climate-related systems. The grant from G-Research provides funding support for my current research.

Tomasz Odrzygóźdź (University of Warsaw)

Tomasz Odrzygóźdź - September grant winner

“I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Warsaw, working at the AI Warsaw Research lab ( My main research goal is to advance the field of artificial intelligence, with a special focus on reinforcement learning, automated reasoning systems (e.g. automated theorem proving), deep learning, and combining algorithmics with machine learning. I am especially interested in designing algorithms which are able to solve very complex tasks, like combinatorial optimization, reasoning problems, or robotics navigation. In particular, I want to develop the idea of a hierarchical approach to reasoning, i.e. splitting the complex problems into long-term planning and short-term sub-goals generation. I will use the grant to modify my current workstation to improve the research development cycle.”

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