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GRow – Our External Referral Scheme

GRow – Our External Referral Scheme

30 June 2021
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Many people interested in working for G-Research will know others in their network who could also be a great fit for us. Our new referral scheme, GRow, gives you the chance to refer candidates to G-Research in return for a potential £5,000 reward.

If you know someone potentially right for one of our roles in Quantitative Research, Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Infrastructure Engineering, or Technology Innovation and Open Source, just send us an email at

You won’t need to participate further in the interview process, our recruiters will take it from there. If we end up hiring the person you introduced, you’ll receive a referral bonus of £5,000.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that we do have a few terms and conditions for this scheme.

The external referrer:

  • Must be an individual person (i.e. not a business entity)
  • Cannot be associated with or be a consultant for a staffing/recruitment agency
  • Cannot refer themselves
  • Should not refer a candidate in misuse of their position

The referred candidate:

  • Must be a candidate that G-Research is not currently actively recruiting
  • Cannot be a current staff member of G-Research
  • Must have given you permission to introduce them to G-Research

The referral bonus of £5,000 will be paid to the referrer’s bank account after the referred candidate completes three months of employment with G-Research, provided that G-Research intends to continue to employ the candidate beyond that period.

The decision of a director at G-Research on all matters relating to the GRow Scheme will be final.


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