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Transatlantic collaboration and learning at G-Research Dallas

Transatlantic collaboration and learning at G-Research Dallas

14 June 2023
  • Software Engineering

We work in a fast-paced, constantly evolving space, which requires an intellectual curiosity, as well as a commitment to learning and collaboration, from our people.

That’s most evident in our approach to technology but also our work culture, something Sean, a Network Operations Engineer in our Dallas office, discusses here.

“During the interview, I met a lot of smart people, especially on the quant side,” he says, “and they were all talking about technology, and it was just that lightbulb moment when you think ‘Wow – that sounds fun and interesting’.”

“I think I was employee number five in Dallas when I started,” says Sean. “Now I think we’re up to about 25 people and growing.”

“It’s very rewarding to go into the office, talking with people and different teams. I’m very technologically curious, so being able to pick somebody else’s brain is very helpful. Everybody is excited to be there and excited to grow.”

But what’s it like working closely with teams on the other side of the Atlantic?

“As London and Dallas are in different time zones, it’s a lot of meetings in the morning; it’s where our sync-up period is. We sync up daily, which works well and helps with the close collaboration.”

But it wasn’t just meetings.

“During my first week G-Research had someone come over from London that helped make me feel connected to the business immediately. Shortly after that, one of the lead Engineers from London came over and allowed us to do a deep dive on how thing were designed and why.”

Collaboration and learning

“I’m working on an automation project right now, and there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t know. So G-Research paired me up with someone in our automation team so I could ask questions; they help liaise on the project, and it’s been super helpful. I’ve learned a lot.”

That process of learning expands to time dedicated to engineer-led innovation, as well as encouragement to seek out training and development opportunities.

“One cool thing I like is every employee has 10% of their time allotted for self-led innovation. You can take 10% of your time and look at new solutions; I’ve been looking at different monitoring solutions for our network.”

“The other cool thing is G-Research is very open about training,” Sean explains. “They want you to grow your career. Next week I’m attending Cisco Live here in the US, and it’s about a week long. I’ve never had that chance previously, so it’s exciting.”

“If you’re technologically interested, the sky’s the limit at G-Research. If you have an edge for tech and like to try new things out and solve engineering problems, I would say there are no real big constraints there. That was the thing I was looking for. It’s very fast-paced, but with it being fast-paced, it’s not super demanding. It’s been a very fun time and positively challenging.”

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