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Working in Forecast Engineering at G-Research

We work at the cutting-edge of our industry, predicting movement in global financial markets. That requires a brilliant Engineering Function, massive compute power and a constantly evolving tech stack.

But what does that mean for our working culture and environment? Here, Jackson, a Software Engineer focused on Forecasting, discusses what it’s like to join G-Research, as well as the collaborative and social environment we nurture.

Joining G-Research

One of the most striking aspects of joining G-Research is the environment, which Jackson says is maybe not what you’d expect of a leading quantitative finance research firm.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined G-Research, but honestly, it feels more like a software company than a bank or a financial institution,” he says.

“It’s still a high-performance environment – the work is challenging and fast paced – but it’s collaborative too. And because everyone is pulling in the same direction, working hard to deliver the best they can, it makes it a rewarding place to work.”

Collaborative working

It’s also an environment that is geared towards genuine collaboration.

Jackson’s team interacts closely with Researchers, which results in a work environment that is highly collaborative, as well as being full of smart and helpful colleagues. And that makes it easier for newcomers to hit the ground running when they join.

“There’s a lot of sharing of ideas and a lot of experience and knowledge to draw on,” he says. And working so closely with the Research Function also means there’s short feedback loops as well, enabling faster delivery.


While delivery is important, there’s also a big emphasis on continuous improvement and innovation, which translates into encouragement for Jackson and his team to spend 10% of their time working on things that aren’t always directly related to what they do.

“It may not necessarily be something that you’ve been assigned to do, and I use it quite often to figure out whether a new technology will be helpful or to experiment with other changes,” he says.

This freedom allows employees the opportunity to explore new technologies or experiment with potential changes, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning.

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