Machine Learning College

Machine learning has long been a key part of our Research function. We are proud to hire some of the best ML practitioners and are now proud to be developing the next generation of ML talent through the G-Research Machine Learning College.

What is ML College?

ML College is G-Research’s new, in-house learning programme. Its aim is to develop those with the requisite mathematical ability and underlying interest in machine learning into full-fledged ML experts through a world-class, custom curriculum.

Open exclusively to new and existing Quantitative Researchers at G-Research, the ML College offers a blended learning experience tailored to accelerate an individual’s knowledge and expertise in machine learning quickly and effectively.


Accelerated bootcamp and ongoing learning

ML College has two key components, the accelerated bootcamp and ongoing learning.

The accelerated bootcamp curriculum is an intensive training course open to new Quantitative Researchers at G-Research.

Ongoing learning encompasses a range of development opportunities, including access to online courses from top universities, seminars with speakers from academia presenting their latest work, and Q&As with first-class ML practitioners.


What will participants learn?

Upon completion, graduates will be equipped to use cutting-edge machine learning techniques in real-world settings with meaningful results. Having covered key ML areas such as deep learning, recurrent neural networks, and unsupervised learning, participants will possess the skills required to discover signal in massive datasets and develop meaningful predictions through their work.

All ML College students will benefit from exposure to the very best, cutting-edge expertise through close collaboration with the academic community, ensuring our programme operates right at the forefront of the latest machine learning developments.


Who can join the ML College?

New Quantitative Research hires at G-Research who have an interest in ML and/or programming will be eligible to enrol when they join the company. Potential participants will be required to go through the normal Quantitative Research recruitment process, details of which can be found here. A very strong foundation in mathematical sciences (typically to PhD-level) is a pre-requisite.

ML College ongoing learning is open to all Quantitative Researchers at G-Research.


Will I be paid while completing the bootcamp?

All bootcamp participants will continue to receive full salary while completing the ML College programme. The majority of lessons and talks will take place in work hours, although additional study and practice is naturally encouraged.

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How can I apply?

To apply, just send through an application for our Quantitative Researcher role, and we’ll get in touch if we think you’re a good fit.

Apply now to join us as a Quantitative Researcher (Data Science/Machine Learning/Mathematical Modelling)

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Coronavirus Update

G-Research continues to interview, hire, and onboard new staff remotely. Please do not hesitate to send in your application for a role.

Joining From Abroad

G-Research is proud to recruit some of the best talent from across the world. If you are joining us from abroad, we work with a specialist relocation partner to ensure that starting your new life in the United Kingdom is as easy and frictionless as possible. Find out more.

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