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G-Research 2024 PhD prize winners: EPFL

G-Research 2024 PhD prize winners: EPFL

13 May 2024
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Every year, G-Research runs a number of different PhD prizes in Maths and Data Science at universities in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Each prize is worth up to £10,000 and is open to final or penultimate year PhD students at specific universities, working across areas including Machine Learning, Quantitative Finance and Mathematics.

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the first prize of this year, run in conjunction with the SIAM Student Chapter at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

1st place: Vinitra Swamy

We’re proud to announce that Vinitra Swamy was unanimously elected as the winner of our EPFL PhD prize. Vinitra will receive ₣5,000.

Vinitra’s PhD research at EPFL is about making AI models explainable and trustworthy, especially in human-centric domains like education. Early in her research journey, Vinitra focused on evaluating explainable AI in practice, finding systematic disagreement between the most commonly used explainers.

Her research interests have now gravitated towards interpretable-by-design model architectures that provide explanation guarantees without compromising predictive performance, the explanations of which she believes are crucial to building trust in model decisions.

Vinitra said: “Thank you very much for this award, G-Research! In the final stretch of my PhD, it is motivating to receive this recognition.”

Our Runner-Ups

As well as awarding a first prize, we are proud to announce our second and third place winners, receiving ₣3,000 and ₣2,000 respectively.

Learn more about our PhD prizes

We run multiple PhD prizes every year across the UK, Europe and more.

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