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G-Research 2024 PhD prize winners: University of Cambridge

G-Research 2024 PhD prize winners: University of Cambridge

16 May 2024
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Every year, G-Research runs a number of different PhD prizes in Maths and Data Science at universities in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Each prize is worth up to £10,000 and is open to final or penultimate year PhD students at specific universities, working across areas including Machine Learning, Quantitative Finance and Mathematics.

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the first prize of this year, run in conjunction with the University of Cambridge.

1st place: Julius von Kügelgen

We’re proud to announce that Julius von Kügelgen was unanimously elected as the winner of our Cambridge PhD prize. Julius will receive £10,000.

Julius’ research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning and causal inference. Much of his PhD research has focused on causal representation learning, a recently emerged field that aims to leverage machine learning methods to extract causal structure from complex high-dimensional data, for example by describing low-level measurements such as pixels in terms of abstract high-level latent concepts such as objects and their relations.

Potential applications of this methodology include learning gene interactions from protein expressions or better understanding macro climate phenomena from low-level sensory data.

The prize money will contribute to paying off a part of his student loan from his BSc and MSci maths studies at Imperial College London.

Our Runner-Ups

As well as awarding a first prize, we are proud to announce two runner-ups, with each receiving £4,000.

Learn more about our PhD prizes

We run multiple PhD prizes every year across the UK, Europe and more.

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