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ICML 2023: Paper reviews, Poster Parties and grants

ICML 2023: Paper reviews, Poster Parties and grants

17 August 2023
  • Quantitative Research

In July, G-Research hosted its first ever ICML Poster Party at our offices in Central London, designed to give early careers researchers the opportunity to talk through their research in front of their peers.

Check out our gallery from the night

In total, around 100 guests were in attendance to hear 13 presenters talk through their research and compete for a £1,000 for the best poster.

With the standard of entry so high, our judges struggled to select a single winner, with the best poster prize shared, with each winner receiving £500.

Jeremias (University College London)

“My research revolves around extending the paradigm of Bayesian inference to cope with the challenges posed by modern large-scale data and machine learning. In this context, I am pushing the boundaries of Bayesian inference for improved robustness and computational benefits.”

Max (Vienna University of Technology)

“My research mostly deals with machine learning with graphs, where I typically work on the algorithmic and theoretical side. My goal is to bridge computational learning theory and (geodesic) convexity theory. More recently, I got into graph neural networks and expressive graph representations.

“I will use the grant to make a short visit to some of my colleagues in Italy (Torino or Milano) to deepen our collaboration.”

Congratulations to our winners!

ICML paper reviews

Machine Learning (ML) is a fast evolving discipline, which means conference attendance and hearing about the very latest research is key to the ongoing development and success of our quantitative researchers and ML engineers.

As such, we encourage our researchers to attend conferences and ICML 2023 was no different, with a number of our team descending on Hawaii for the latest instalment.

Learn more about the papers our team found interesting, and the insight they drew from them.

ICML attendance grants

Alongside our Poster Party, we also supported a number of early careers researchers in attending ICML 2023 as part of our monthly grant series.

Worth up to £2,000, we invited applications from PhDs in technical and STEM subjects and were pleased to support two students in attending and presenting their research.

Isaac Reid (University of Cambridge)

“I am interested in problems at the interface of machine learning, statistical physics and applied mathematics, where theoretical results have proved elusive, applications are high-impact, or both. G-Research’s grant will help me present my latest work on scalable Transformers at ICML, where I will be delivering a talk on our new algorithm and its theoretical guarantees.”

Stefano Blumberg (University College London)

“My research focuses on developing innovative deep learning techniques to enhance the quality of 3D MR images. This includes a novel low-memory system for 3D images that allows users to balance memory usage with computational time, the first multi-task learning approach for harmonizing data across different scanning platforms and sites, and an automated methodology for producing state-of-the-art results in a subsampling-reconstruction MRI challenge.

Every month we give away £2,000 in grant money to early career researchers – and are especially interested in applications that are difficult to get funding for elsewhere (e.g. travel if you are caring for children; expenses for volunteer work related to your research).

Learn more and apply now

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