Technology Innovation and Open Source

Our Technology Innovation and Open Source division works with some of the most exciting and cutting-edge technologies currently available. It is tasked with identifying, testing and implementing the latest innovations and open source projects across the company.

Finding the Right Solutions

The Technology Innovation Group seeks out nascent technologies and services that hold potential to benefit G-Research, analysing exciting developments across areas such as cloud services, virtual reality, new machine learning libraries, engineering environments, and hardware accelerators. You will be able to apply your expertise in selecting and implementing them to solve complex business problems.


Open Source

Our Open Source division is responsible for researching and implementing open source solutions relevant to G-Research’s work. Additionally, they work closely with communities to develop, upkeep, and share insights into active open source projects.

What we look for We look for a variety of different experiences depending on the type of role you apply for. We focus on candidates with varied experience working in more than one programming language, who are open to discovering the latest innovations and technologies.
Interview Process

Joining From Abroad

G-Research is proud to recruit some of the best talent from across the world. If you are joining us from abroad, we work with a specialist relocation partner to ensure that starting your new life in the United Kingdom is as easy and frictionless as possible. Find out more.

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