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G-Research is proud to recruit some of the best talent from across the world. If you are joining us from abroad, we work with a specialist relocation partner to provide you with all the help you need to make it a smooth process, from sponsorship and immigration assistance, to financing and executing your move. Ultimately, we'll do everything we can to make starting your new life in the United Kingdom as easy and frictionless as possible.


When you are offered a role with G-Research and require a visa to work in the UK, you will be partnered with an expert consultant who will walk you through the full immigration process, and all the costs associated with the process will be covered.

Your expert consultant will answer any questions you have and help you complete all the required documentation.

As the UK transitions to a new immigration system for joiners from Europe, we will of course support EU citizens with their move to the UK with all of these services.



When you move to the UK from abroad to join us, we’ll offer multiple services to assist you.

We offer a generous relocation allowance that can be used for any of your relocation expenses, so you won’t have to worry about any large costs from settling into a new home.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with an external concierge service provider who will provide you with bespoke support to ensure every aspect of your move is taken care of. Areas they will be able to assist with include arranging pre-visits, helping you find a new home, and moving your possessions over. All costs associated with these processes will also be covered by G-Research.


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